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Part Categories

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Universal and Miscellaneous, • Rate Controller 2000 Parts, • Receiver Parts, • 1800/2600/2630 Display Parts, • S-SERIES Camera Parts,MTG/Ethernet Cables, • Brackets and Mounting Parts, • Radar Cables, • Rate Controllers, • ATU 300 Parts, • Gen 4 Display Parts

UNIVERSAL and Misc Parts

PFA10288- Universal Greenstar cab Harness (Gator)

BM25035- HPX gator Greenstar harness for soft shell roof

BPF11129- Universal Greenstar cab harness basic

BPF10139- Universal Greenstar cab harness with roof mount

PF80802 – Universal Greenstar cab harness (no power source)

BPF10719- Competitive cab harness/roof mount/display mount NO ISO compatibility

PF90254- Universal Greenstar cab kit harness with roof mount and ISO connector

RE174725- ISO harness/coupler (MFWD)

RE174726-ISO harness/coupler (4WD)

PF90577- Height switch kit (whisker)

RE21099- Height switch extension harness (10ft)

PF90453- Resume switch for ATU 200

PF90217- Universal Receiver Roof mount kit

PF81045- Master foot switch for Rate Controller

RE207311- 2.5 volt terminator

PF80906 – terminator plug to 4 pin ATU harness

AT157547- Button height switch (parallel arm, planter)

A71505- Short parallel arm bracket for height switch

A85358- Long parallel arm bracket for height switch

PF80976 – ATU harness T’s into display connector

BPF10605 - Wing Bolts for displays

21M1689- Wing nut for display

PF80845 - ATU 200 harness (to GreenStar harness)

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Rate Controller 2000 Parts

PFA10680 – Main rate controller harness

PF81045 – Foot switch

BPF11116 – 10ft extension harness

BPF11117 – 30ft extension harness

BPF10403 – Row crop foot switch harness

BPF10404 – 4WD foot switch harness

BPF11500 – Dry 47 to 37 dual adapter harness

BPF11197 – 47 to 37 liquid adapter harness

BPF11496 – Generic 47 pin dry harness

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Receiver Parts

PFP10470 - Receiver Male to Female Gender Changer

PF80722 - Receiver Female to Male Gender Changer

PF81301 - 900 MHz radio antenna

PF81461 - 450 MHz radio antenna

PF91102- 450 MHz High gain radio antenna

PF90740- RTK Radio mount for DLX shroud

PF90739- DLX receiver shroud with harness

PF80824-Original shroud without wiring harness

AH211594- Receiver mount 60-70 series combine (original mount)

PF90885 – Receiver mount (original with flat back for wall)

RE559485- 7r, 8r, 9r, S series original receiver mounting bracket

PF90780 – DLX receiver mount for 6000-7000 tractors

PF81190- DLX receiver mounting bracket (Square)

PF91009 – DLX receiver mount for 90XX, 50, 60, 70 series combine

PF91010 – DLX mount for 7000, 8000 tractor 8010, 8020, 8030, 4820, 4830 sprayer

PFP10469 - Receiver harness conversion to single plug

PF90350- SF receiver to third party display harness (GPS and Radar)

PF90858 - 300 receiver harness

PF80364 - 10/50 series combine receiver adapter harness (metripak to 12 pin deutsch connection)

AH211708 - 50 series combine receiver extension/jumper harness (12 pin deutsch on both ends)

BPF11356- Universal GPS bracket bar

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1800/2600/2630 Display Parts

PF90687- 2630/2600 Display power harness round from corner post to square

PF90686- Brown Box Display power harness round from corner post to 2 males

PF90688- 2630/2600 Display power harness 2 rectangle female to square display

PFP12435 – 2630 display power harness round to square….has 3 camera feeds***

PF81042- San disk data card for 2600 display

PF90363 – GS3 to third party (serial port ends/mapping) (Field Doc)

PFA10059 – 2630 display speaker

PF90596 – 2600/2630/GEN4 screen protector

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S-SERIES Camera Parts

E40206-plastic clamp for auger


K40001-lock nut (need 2)

A-PVC20 – Cab Cam 20 feet camera extension

A-VSIC110 – Cab Cam Camera

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MTG/Ethernet Cables

RE556567 -

     OR          Shortest Available

RE340139 -

PFP11273 - 4 ft.

PFP11274 - 9.5 ft.

PFP11275 - 13.5 ft.

PFP11703 - 25 ft.

PFP12950 - Short cable from square corner post to 2630

PFP16073- Connects to 4g MTG (Square) then to round Ethernet cable, also can be used to connect existing ethernet cable (round) to 4640, which is now a square connector. You would leave this cable plugged into 4640 and move from machine to machine.

AE3120 - AgExpress power harness for MTG.  8 feet long power cable with 3-pin round amp and convenience strip connector

AXE50045 - 1 ft. square to square ethernet cable

M12M12R4D-3 – 10 feet~

M12M12R4D-1 - 1.5 feet~
PFP12950 - Connects Gen 4 4640/4240 to round ethernet port on corner post of S600 combines.  Can also be used to connect 2630 to ethernet port on R series tractor with Gen 4 command center

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Brackets and Mounting Parts

HXE102379 - Clips for 4G LTE MTG on S-Series Combines (Need 2)

HXE102380 - Clips for 4G LTE MTG on S-Series Combines (Need 1)

BPF11873 - 4640 ram mount kit

BPF12124 – Display Bracket for Tractor Cornerpost

AXE16786 - 50, 60, 70 series combine cornerpost display mount

BPF11839 - Gen 4 display adapter plate (2 bolt to 4 bolt)

PF90134- Display Ram Mount

BPF11186- Display mount for S-Series Combine

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Radar Cables

AA66780 - R Series Tractor 7-pin corner post to 4-pin radar for 250, 350, 500, etc. monitors and convenience outlet

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Rate Controllers (GS2/Dry)

AA70073 - Round CAN terminator connection (found on older planters and air seeders) to rate controller harness

PF0630171933 - PWM Boost Box

BPF10044 - In-Cab Rate Controller Harness

BPF11285 - Front Extension Harness

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ATU 300 Parts

BPF11849 – ATU 300 main wiring harness

BPF11850 – Weatherproof GreenStar harness

BPF11882 – Receiver bracket for ROPS

BPF11855 – ATU 200 to 300 adapter kit

PF80873 - Provides separate switched power to ATU harness (round convenience to 2-pin duetsch)

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Gen 4 Display Parts

BPF11878 - RS232 Harness

SWTY268456 – 4640 Display 1-4 video input cable (Voyager)

A-CBLF4640 - 4640 Display Video Harness (allows for 1-4 CabCam’s)

57M11705- 4640 26 pin video connector

PF90687- 4640/4240 Display power harness round from corner post to square

BPF11527 - 4640 display harness with 3 video connector

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