John Deere Work Planner helps simplify your in-field setups.

posted on Monday, March 6, 2023 in Precision Ag

For years, a setup file was the easiest way to get your field variety and equipment information to your display. Then you still had to make all the selections to set up your proper documentation. With Gen 4 displays, this just got easier.

Build your plans for each field when you need a reason to stay inside, like a cold rainy day in February. Once completed, send them to your display. Come work time, when you pull into the field, the planned work will pop up. Then, all you need to do is hit ONE button to start proper documentation, down to the guidance line you want to begin using.

If plans change and a field is planted with a different variety or entirely different crop, select edit instead of Ok when the planned work displays and make the adjustment.

Work Planner is also mobile-friendly, so you can plan and adjust from anywhere using the Operations Center App.

What you need to get started.

  • 4240, 4640, 4200, or 4600 (v2) display
  • Operations Center account (We can help you get logged in)
  • Bonus Points: Connected Equipment (this will work via USB as well)


In Operations Center, go to the PLAN tab and then “Work Planner” to start using the tool.
At the top of the page, select the correct season and then use the tabs below to choose your operation.

If you know multiple fields will be managed the same (or similar), select multiple fields to push the same variety and rate to each. Otherwise, you can go field by field. If you have a liquid system on your planter, your products can be added on this same screen. Prescriptions for planting or application can be added at this time as well.

Once you are happy with your plan, make your selections and use the “send to Equipment” button to push the plans out to your machine. The main work planner page will show you the status of each field.

Important note:

Please be aware that the pop-up on the display uses your Operations Center boundaries on the display. Just because you have boundaries on your display does not mean that you have to use them for section control purposes. On Gen 4 displays, you can choose to ignore boundaries for section control. If you are not using boundaries, the pop-up will appear once you change field names in the display.

Tips for John Deere Work Planner on Gen 4 Display

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