What You Need to Know - StarFire™ 7000

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posted on Friday, January 6, 2023 in Precision Ag

New Hardware. New Correction Signal. New Serviceability. The StarFire 7000 is the latest receiver in Deere’s Precision Ag line-up. With the new look comes many improvements.


Like the SF6000, the SF7000 with have both universal and integrated options. The integrated SF7000s will look very similar to the integrated SF6000s on your cab. The universal SF7000s will continue to use the same bracket as your current receivers. Connection points will also stay the same. The SF7000 is compatible with all Deere displays except for the original display (Brown Box) and the 2600, just as the SF6000s are.


Lower Profile: Easier to carry

More Satellites: The SF7000 tracks four satellite constellations (compared to the SF6000’s 2). This means maintaining better accuracy against tree lines and other shading events.

Serviceable Parts: If something goes wrong, we can replace individual parts instead of sending the whole unit in for repairs.

Improved Licensing: On current models, activations must be purchased before a subscription to an advanced correction level is available (think SF3 ready). For SF RTK, the activation goes away, and if you want to leverage the advanced correction level, you only need to worry about the subscription (renewable license).

Satellite-based RTK or SF RTK: +/- 1 in accuracy that is repeatable for five years. This accuracy is similar to RTK without needing nearby base stations or extra costs. Radio RTK will still be available for those wishing to utilize it or those needing Z-axis accuracy. SF3 is not available for SF7000s.

Upgraded on Screen Diagnostics: Your receiver page allows for easier troubleshooting issues. Don’t worry; the overall look and layout will remain similar to prior models.  


Can I run a StarFire 7000 with a StarFire 6000 on an implement?

Yes, but the highest correction level must be on the tractor or leader machine (such as when running machine sync).

Will SF3 lines from a StarFire™ 6000 carry over to SF-RTK on a new StarFire™ 7000?

While SF3 and SF-RTK utilize the same datum, it is recommended to recreate guidance lines when switching to a new correction type. The StarFire™ 6000 is only connecting with two satellite constellations versus four on the StarFire™ 7000, so there's a chance that the positioning is different between the two.

How do I convert RTK radio lines to the SF-RTK system?

There is currently no solution; it is recommended to redo lines with SF-RTK.

What happens after 5-year repeatability with SF-RTK ends?

Beyond five years, John Deere cannot guarantee repeatability, though we expect it to continue after the initial five years.