Is Your Technology Ready for Harvest?

posted on Wednesday, August 24, 2022 in Precision Ag

There are a lot of things to think about as we move towards fall. Use the guide below to make sure your technology is ready to go.

Operations Center

1. Make sure your planting maps made it into Operations Center and that they show the correct variety and areas.

  • Hint: use the Analyze tool for this.

2. New setup file created and sent to display.

  • Make sure this includes your Variety Locator and/or AutoPath Files if you use them.

3. Free JDLink Connectivity is enabled for machines you will be using this fall (Check in Terminals tool).

  • Note: This is only for 4G machines


1. Moved to Combine.
2. TCM Calibrated.
3. If running on SF2 or SF3, will your subscription get you through Harvest?

In Cab

1. If using JDLink on a 2630 or 4640 display, is your Ethernet cable plugged into your display?
Wireless Data Transfer and Remote Display Access will not work without this.

Ethernet Plugin for Display

Wireless Data Transfer and Remote Display Access picture

2. Verify Combine and FEE measurements

3. Adjust your run pages

  • If using a 4640, try using "Run Page Sets." Below is a quick tutorial video.

4. Set up your documentation. Below is a quick tutorial video.

5. Verify recording height is at an appropriate level.


1. Perform the calibrations necessary for your machine

  • This typically includes yield, moisture, and mass flow vibration.
  • Header height if equipped. 

2. Use the EquipmentPlus app to aid in optimizing your machine settings

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